Section 13A-11-75.1

Pistol permit for retired military personnel.

(a) The words retired military veteran as used in this section, unless the context clearly requires a different meaning, means only those persons who are retirees from active duty in the Army, or the Navy, or the Marine Corps, or the Air Force, or the Coast Guard of the United States or any reserve or National Guard component thereof.

(b) Any retired military veteran who meets the conditions for issuance of a pistol permit pursuant to Section 13A-11-75 shall be eligible to obtain the pistol permit without paying a fee for the permit. Upon approval of the pistol permit application, the pistol permit shall be issued by the sheriff of the county in which the veteran resides upon presentation by the retired military veteran of the United States government issued Veteran Identification Card or a DD-214 Proof of Military Service form and sufficient proof that the person is a military retiree. The retired military veteran shall apply for renewal as required by law, but shall be eligible to obtain renewed pistol permits without paying a fee as long as he or she meets the conditions for renewal of the permit.

(c) In the event a retired veteran, to whom a pistol permit has been issued pursuant to subsection (b), is charged with or convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude, as defined in Section 17-3-30.1, domestic violence in the first degree, as defined in Section 13A-6-130, or domestic violence in the second degree, as defined in Section 13A-6-131, the sheriff of the county in which the retired veteran resides may revoke the pistol permit. The sheriff shall notify the retired veteran in writing and by registered mail that his or her pistol permit is revoked. The sheriff shall state the reasons for the revocation and order the retiree to return his or her pistol permit to that sheriff within 30 days. Should the retired veteran refuse to return the pistol permit within the 30-day limit and continue to carry the handgun, he or she shall be guilty of carrying a weapon without a license or carrying a concealed weapon, whichever might be the case.

(Act 2016-342, p. 846, §1; Act 2016-453, 1st Sp. Sess., p. 1234, §1; Act 2019-525, §1.)