Section 13A-12-197

Production of obscene matter containing visual depiction of person under 17 years of age involved in obscene acts.

(a) Any person who knowingly films, prints, records, photographs or otherwise produces any obscene matter that contains a visual depiction of a person under the age of 17 years engaged in any act of sado-masochistic abuse, sexual intercourse, sexual excitement, masturbation, breast nudity, genital nudity, or other sexual conduct shall be guilty of a Class A felony.

(b) For any person who violates this section, each depiction of each individual less than 17 years of age constitutes a separate offense.

(Acts 1978, No. 592, p. 705, §8; Code 1975, §13-7-237; Acts 1984, No. 84-285, p. 492, §8; Act 2006-112, p. 166, §§1, 2.)