Section 13A-6-154

Evidence of certain facts or conditions not deemed a defense.

Evidence of the following facts or conditions shall not constitute a defense in a prosecution for human trafficking in the first or second degree, nor shall the evidence preclude a finding of a violation:

(1) A human trafficking victim's sexual history or history of commercial sexual activity.

(2) A human trafficking victim's connection by blood or marriage to a defendant in the case or to anyone involved in the victim's trafficking.

(3) Consent of or permission by a victim of human trafficking or anyone else on the victim's behalf to any commercial sex act or sexually explicit performance.

(4) Age of consent to sex, an act defined by paragraph b. of subdivision (7) of Section 13A-6-151 of the definition for sexual servitude, legal age of marriage, or other discretionary age.

(5) Mistake as to the human trafficking victim's age, even if the mistake is reasonable.

(Act 2010-705, p. 1708, §5.)