Section 13A-7-24

Criminal tampering - Definitions.

The following definitions apply to Sections 13A-7-25 and 13A-7-26:

(1) TAMPER. To improperly interfere, meddle with or make an unwarranted alteration in the condition of property of another.

(2) PROPERTY. As used in the context of Sections 13A-7-25 and 13A-7-26, such term means any tangible or intangible property, real or personal, public or private, and includes the commodities and services of a utility nature, such as gas, electricity, steam and water.

(3) UTILITY. An enterprise which provides gas, electric, steam, water, sewage, transportation or communication services, cable and broadband services, and any institution that provides health and safety protection or other public services; it may be either publicly or privately owned.

(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §2710; Act 2013-74, p. 155, §1.)