Section 15-22-51

Investigation by probation officer.

(a) When directed by the court, a probation officer shall fully investigate and report to the court in writing the circumstances of the offense, criminal record, social history and present condition of a defendant through use of a validated risk and needs assessment, as defined in Section 12-25-32. No defendant, unless the court shall otherwise direct, shall be placed on probation or released under suspension of sentence until the report of such investigation shall have been presented to and considered by the court; provided, however, that after conviction the court may continue the case for such time as may be reasonably necessary to enable the probation officer to make his investigation and report.

(b) Whenever practicable, such investigation shall include physical and mental examinations of the defendant; and, if such defendant is committed to an institution, a copy of the report of such investigation shall be sent to the Department of Corrections at the time of commitment; provided, that in all cases where the defendant was on bond prior to the time of the trial and an application for probation is made to the court, then the judge of such court, in his discretion, may suspend the execution of the sentence pending the disposition of the application for probation and continue the defendant under the same bond that he was under or, in his discretion, may raise the bond or lower the same pending the disposition of the application for probation, and such bond shall remain in full force and effect until the application for probation is finally disposed of.

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