Section 16-3-16

Teachers' training and certification; reciprocity.

(a) Subject to the provisions of Chapter 23 of this title, the State Board of Education, through its executive officer, shall prescribe rules and regulations governing the training and the certification of teachers in the public schools of the state, and for the acceptance of the diplomas of the colleges and universities of Alabama, as well as of other states. The State Board of Education, with the advice of the State Superintendent of Education, shall have full power and authority to promulgate and adopt rules and regulations governing the issuance of professional and special, alternative, and emergency certificates consistent with the provisions of Chapter 23 of this title.

(b) Alabama shall use certification by the National Boards of Professional Teaching Standards as national reciprocity when national certification has been fully implemented.

(School Code 1927, §41; Code 1940, T. 52, §20; Acts 1991, No. 91-323, p. 602, §3.)