Section 16-35-2

Oath and compensation of members.

Before transacting any business, each member of the State Courses of Study Committee and its secretary shall take an oath before someone authorized to administer oaths to discharge faithfully the duties imposed upon him or her as a member or as secretary of said State Courses of Study Committee, and that he or she has no interest as an author, an associate author, a publisher, a representative of authors or publishers, and that he or she is in no way connected with the distribution of books, or pecuniarily interested directly or indirectly in the business or profits of any person, firm or corporation anywhere engaged in manufacturing, publishing or selling school books.

Members of the State Courses of Study Committee shall be paid a per diem at the rate provided by state law during the time they are in session; provided, that the committee shall not remain in session at any one time for a longer period than 30 days and in addition shall receive travel expenses at the rate provided by state law for mileage from their homes to the place of meeting and return, the per diem and mileage to be paid from the appropriations made to the State Department of Education.

(Acts 1959, No. 581, p. 1458, §2; Acts 1995, No. 95-314, p. 634, §29.)