Section 16-36-50

Schools to develop course materials access plan for non-affiliated bookstores; requirements of plan.

(a) Not later than July 15, 1993, all two-and four-year state institutions of higher education and all state vocational and technical colleges shall, with the input and representation from college bookstore retailers, develop, publish, and implement a plan to ensure that all established college bookstore retailers located in the municipality in which the institution or college is located, shall be provided the same information concerning required and optional textbooks, required academic learning materials, and required custom publications that is provided to any bookstore owned or authorized by the institution.

(b) The plan developed by each institution or college having a bookstore owned or authorized by the institution or college shall:

(1) Ensure that any established college bookstore retailers having retail outlets in the municipality be informed of the method by which they may obtain required and optional textbooks and required academic learning materials. The information shall be provided, upon request, at a central location.

(2) Ensure that textbook information be made available to the college bookstore retailers by a procedure that attempts to give the information to the bookstores owned or authorized by the institutions and colleges and the college bookstore retailers at approximately the same time, but under no circumstances later than two business days after the time it is provided to the bookstores authorized or operated by colleges or institutions.

(3) Ensure that faculty members of the institution or college provide all information necessary in reproducing customized publications for classroom use. This information shall be provided in bibliographic form that shall include, but not be limited to, the author, title, publisher, editor, ISBN number, if known, and inclusive pages to be reproduced. This custom published biographical information shall be provided in the same manner as textbook information is provided at each institution. College bookstore retailers may purchase and resell course-related publications that are published by the institution or college at a discount if a margin is added to the publication, or at cost if not added to the publication, only if the institution's or college's copyright agreement legally covers such a sale.

(4) Create a grievance committee composed of two persons designated by the president of the institution or college and one person designated by the chair of the local chamber of commerce to hear complaints from the college bookstore retailers concerning the implementation of the plan.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-331, p. 503, §1.)