Section 16-37-7

County may make appropriation for Smith-Hughes type of vocational training.

(a) County commissions of counties of Alabama are hereby authorized to make appropriations to county boards of education to be used in providing classrooms, laboratories and shops for use in teaching vocational subjects and for maintaining such vocational departments after they have been established; provided, that such appropriations may only be made for use in any school or schools duly recognized by the State Board of Education as centers for vocational instruction of the Smith-Hughes type, and on account of which reimbursement is being made or is to be made during the next fiscal school year following the first payment of county funds appropriated for such purposes.

(b) Funds so appropriated shall be paid to the county custodian of public school funds by the county treasurer on authorization of the county commission. The county custodian of public school funds shall pay out such funds on authorization of the county board of education.

(School Code 1927, §§411, 412; Code 1940, T. 52, §§388, 389.)