Section 16-39-12

Scholarships for special teachers.

The State Board of Education is authorized to make training grants to professional personnel who seek special training in exceptional child education to qualify said personnel to meet professional requirements set forth in said state board's regulations and shall be responsible for the administration of said program. Such grants are limited to personnel who are under contract to work in the exceptional child program in this state, the training schools, the child training centers and at the various residential facilities for exceptional children throughout the state for such contractual periods as the State Board of Education may by regulation specify and to regular students who plan to work in the exceptional child program in this state and who sign a commitment satisfactory to the State Board of Education that they will take an appropriate available job at any location within the State of Alabama upon graduation or completion of their studies. Such commitments shall be binding upon those who sign them and receive scholarship aid, but the State Board of Education may waive the enforceability thereof in the event of extreme and unforeseen hardship. Each grant shall cover the cost of tuition, housing and food, from a minimum dollar amount for residence enrollment in specific courses approved by the state superintendent under the regulations of the State Board of Education. Said courses for which scholarships may be made available are those offered on the campuses of the institutions of higher learning in this state, except where necessary courses are not offered in this state. Where courses are not offered in this state in the areas requiring certification in exceptional child education, the recipient may receive said grant for attending an out-of-state institution of higher learning approved by the State Board of Education to meet the professional requirements of the State of Alabama.

(Acts 1971, No. 106, p. 373, §12.)