Section 16-39-8

Classification of child; placement; record of case history.

No child shall be given special services under the terms of this chapter as an exceptional child until he is properly classified as an exceptional child; provided, that the child's parent or guardian shall be informed of the reasons for such classification. A copy of the report certifying to the child's type of exceptionality shall be kept on file in the office of the principal of the school in which the child is enrolled and at such other places as may be prescribed by regulations of the State Board of Education.

In providing for the instruction of exceptional children, the school boards shall utilize regular school facilities and adapt them to the needs of exceptional children, except as otherwise provided herein. No exceptional child shall be segregated and taught apart from other nonexceptional children until a careful study of the child's case has been made and evidence obtained which indicates that such segregation would be for the exceptional child's benefit or is necessary because of difficulties involved in teaching the child in a regular school program. Appropriate placement shall be made on the basis of the placement committee recommendation wherever this is practicable.

The principal of the school in which an exceptional child is taught shall keep a written record of the case history of each exceptional child, showing the reason for any withdrawal of such exceptional child from the regular school program in the public school and his enrollment in or withdrawal from a special school program for exceptional children. Such confidential record shall be available for inspection by appropriate school officials and appropriate faculty at any time with the consent of the school principal.

(Acts 1971, No. 106, p. 373, §8.)