Section 16-41-4

Administration of chapter by State Superintendent of Education; priorities for implementation.

(a) The State Superintendent of Education shall administer this chapter pursuant to regulations adopted by the State Board of Education. In administering this chapter, the superintendent shall seek and ask for advice and assistance from the medical association of the State of Alabama and take into consideration the advice of the Department of Public Health.

(b) Priorities for the implementation of this program shall include the following:

(1) The implementation of in-service education programs for teachers, administrators and other personnel. Special emphasis shall be placed on methods and materials necessary for the effective teaching of drug abuse education. In-service teacher education materials which are based on individual performance and designed for use with a minimum of supervision shall be developed and made available to all county and city school systems;

(2) Establishing resource centers located in various regions of the state for the purpose of assisting the Department of Education in coordinating drug abuse education activities in that region;

(3) Expanding degree programs for the preparation of drug education specialists. Special attention shall be given to performance based criteria and to the development and articulation of appropriate drug abuse education courses at junior colleges;

(4) Designing programs for the selection and training of school paraprofessional personnel and personnel of nonschool health or health related agencies; and

(5) Implementing the provisions of this chapter to insure that actual pupil instruction in drug abuse education will begin with the opening of the 1971-72 school year, as part of the curriculum of every elementary, junior and senior high school in this state.

(Acts 1971, No. 1934, p. 3122, §4.)