Section 16-42-1

Counties and cities authorized to undertake research into history of state.

The county commissions and the governing bodies of all municipalities in the State of Alabama are hereby authorized and empowered to promote education by undertaking research into the history of the State of Alabama, its several counties and municipalities, its coastline and boundaries and the territory included therein, its geological deposits, agricultural and marine data, its rivers, streams and harbors, its history from the earliest times and especially during the colonial period, A.D. 1519 to A.D. 1815, and such general historical data and information, and to effect the completion of translations of such data and information where such old official records are in foreign languages, and to effect the publication of these records for the free distribution to public libraries, school libraries and to the college and university libraries within the State of Alabama and for the further diffusion of knowledge in reference to the history and resources of the State of Alabama and its several counties and municipalities and the encouragement in general of historical work and research in all colonial records of the State of Alabama.

(Acts 1959, No. 597, p. 1485, §1.)