Section 16-44A-12

Adoption of plan of educational work which furthers purposes of compact; plan objectives; programs and activities under plan.

(a) The board of directors shall consider recommendations of advisory committees and may hold hearings, review, revise, and adopt a plan of educational work which furthers the purposes of the compact and the leadership goals of the Commission on the Future of the South and which are designed to complement or augment, but not duplicate, existing programs and services offered in service areas by individual compact members or other non-profit entities.

(b) The plan shall focus on meeting three objectives:

(1) Increasing leadership and citizenship programs for youth.

(2) Extending community and other leadership programs to rural and under-served areas.

(3) Serve as a network and resource to enhance communications and idea and information exchange among community and youth leadership programs and other interested parties.

(c) Pursuant to the plan the compact shall provide programs itself and support for programs offered by others, all of which enhance leadership and citizenship education in Alabama.

(d) Under the plan the compact may: Develop supplementary instructional materials and make them available to schools and non-profit educational entities; serve as a resource, reference, and referral center; provide a demonstration classroom, exhibition, and education facility/program; encourage and enter into voluntary cooperative agreements with and among agencies and institutions to encourage cooperation and collaboration in high quality leadership and citizenship programs and experiences; affiliate with entities engaged in similar purposes in other states which are in the Southern Growth Policies Board region in a voluntary compact, subject to adoption by joint legislative resolution, and to domicile and administer the same; and provide technical, educational, or other support and assistance and make available facilities, where available and practicable, to and where requested by compact entities, for the support of community and youth leadership educational programs.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-482, p. 799, §12.)