Section 16-44A-54

Alabama Veterans Living Legacy Trust Fund.

On and after September 1, 2008, to ensure accountability for receiving and administering public funds, the public funds provided for by Section 16-44A-55, or by any future act, for the support of the Veterans Living Legacy, are appropriated to and shall be administered by the trust in accordance with the laws governing the trust, and shall be placed and accounted for in a separate, segregated, non-reverting and non-lapsing fund account to be designated the Alabama Veterans Living Legacy Trust Fund, herein fund. The expenditures of these public funds shall be subject to the competitive bid law and subject to the general audit and reporting requirements found in Article 2. A copy of such audit shall be provided to the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, which is also authorized to audit the fund. Expenditures may be made only for public purposes related to acquisition, financing, equipping, operating, promoting, maintaining, staffing, and administering property, facilities, and programs of the Veterans Living Legacy, pursuant to the master plan in Section 16-44A-53.

(Act 2008-551, p. 1198, §5.)