Section 16-47-137

Scholarships - Amount and conditions; selection of recipients.

Each scholarship provided for by this article shall be in the amount of $600.00 per year payable from funds appropriated to the University of Alabama School of Nursing for this purpose. A scholarship may either be renewed by the school of nursing for the same student or awarded to another applicant for the scholarship. Appropriate competitive examinations of aptitude and ability shall be administered to the applicants by the University of Alabama School of Nursing. The results of the examinations shall be used as guides in the selection of the recipients of the scholarship from the various geographical areas of the state. In case a scholarship student fails to complete the course prescribed for the baccalaureate degree in nursing, the student must repay the amount of scholarship funds used. Any funds thus collected may be used as scholarship assistance for other nursing students. A scholarship student must agree to practice professional nursing in the State of Alabama for at least one year after completing the course at the University of Alabama.

(Acts 1957, No. 591, p. 828, §3; Acts 1971, No. 2303, p. 3716, §3.)