Section 16-47-171

Powers and duties of board of trustees of university generally; school to be separate graduate school; qualifications of dean.

The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama is hereby given full power and authority to maintain and operate the school of social work created by this article. It may set, establish and maintain standards of scholarship and teaching, but all such standards shall conform at least to the minimum standards prescribed by the standardizing agency or association for graduate schools of social work. The board of trustees of the university shall perform all acts and functions necessary or appropriate to carry out the intent and purpose of this article. The school of social work shall be a separate graduate school, with its own dean, but nonetheless a part of the University of Alabama. The dean shall possess such qualifications for the position as are prescribed by the board of trustees, but the board of trustees must include in its prescribed requirements actual training and experience as a professional social worker.

(Acts 1965, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 234, p. 314, §2.)