Section 16-47-191

University authorized to acquire land for museum - Generally; cooperation with others.

The University of Alabama, in addition to other powers, shall have the right, power and authority to acquire, in the name of the University of Alabama, by purchase, lease, agreement, license, condemnation or otherwise, the fee simple interest in and to land in Tuscaloosa and Hale Counties, Alabama for the purpose of developing, preserving, improving, protecting or maintaining same as a museum, which shall include an archeological museum, historical shrine and recreational area, and to accept, in fee or otherwise, lands donated, entrusted, conveyed or devised for like purposes in said counties. It may contract and make cooperative agreements with the federal government and its agencies, with municipalities, corporations, associations, partnerships or individuals for the purpose of acquiring, planning, establishing, developing, utilizing, operating, protecting or maintaining such museum.

(Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 102, p. 2018, §2.)