Section 16-47-30

Composition; terms of office; election; vacancies; compensation.

The state university shall be under the control of the board of trustees, which shall consist of two members from the congressional district in which the university is located, and one from each of the other congressional districts in the state, the State Superintendent of Education and the Governor, who shall be ex officio president of the board.

The members of the board of trustees, as now constituted, shall hold office until their respective terms expire under existing law and until their successors shall be elected and confirmed, as hereinafter required. Successors to those trustees whose terms expire in 1902 shall hold office until 1907; successors to those whose terms expire in 1904 shall hold office until 1911; successors to those trustees whose terms expire in 1906 shall hold office until 1915; and thereafter their successors shall hold office for a term of 12 years.

When the term of any member of such board shall expire, the remaining members of the board shall, by secret ballot, elect his successor; provided, that any trustee so elected shall hold office from the date of his election until his confirmation or rejection by the Senate, and if confirmed, until the expiration of the term for which he was elected and until his successor is elected. At every meeting of the Legislature, the State Superintendent of Education shall certify to the Senate the names of all who have been so elected since the last session of the Legislature, and the Senate shall confirm or reject them as it shall determine for the best interest of the university. If it rejects the names of any members it shall thereupon elect trustees in the stead of those rejected.

In the case of a vacancy on said board by death or resignation of a member, or from any cause other than the expiration of his term of office, the board shall elect his successor, who shall hold office until the next session of the Legislature, when the name of a successor or successors elected by said board to fill the vacancy or vacancies so occasioned shall be certified by the State Superintendent of Education to the Senate, and the Senate shall confirm, or reject, as it shall determine is for the best interest of the university; and, if confirmed by the Senate, the person, or persons so elected to fill said vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired term to which he is so elected. If the Senate rejects the name of any person to fill said vacancy, it shall thereupon elect some person or persons in the stead of those rejected.

No trustee shall receive any pay or emolument other than his actual expenses incurred in the discharge of his duties as such.

(School Code 1927, §550; Code 1940, T. 52, §493.)