Section 16-47-9

Additional copies of the state publications furnished law department for exchange.

The Secretary of State shall furnish to the School of Law of the University of Alabama, in addition to those furnished for use therein, as many copies, but not to exceed 60 each, of all reports and publications of the State of Alabama and its several departments, agencies and institutions, including, the Alabama Code, general and local acts, Senate and House journals and other legislative documents as may be requested by the dean of the school for use in exchange with the several states or territories of the United States, the Dominion or provinces of Canada, the Republic of Mexico, the Philippine Republic, the Republic of South Africa, the Australian Commonwealth or the Dominion of New Zealand, or any of the departments, agencies or institutions thereof for similar reports and publications of each of those states, territories or nations; provided, that exchanges shall not be made to secure more than one copy of any publication.

This section shall apply to existing stocks of all such reports and publications that are not already reserved or set aside by law for a specific purpose, to all such reports and publications hereafter printed or published and to all reports and publications which the state is able to purchase at a predetermined price; but no reprint of any report or publication shall be undertaken to supply copies thereof for exchange purposes.

(Acts 1947, No. 300, p. 151, §§ 1, 2.)