Section 16-49-1

Degree of autonomy; recommendation of programs to state agencies in order to qualify for federal, etc., funds.

It is the intention of the Legislature by passage of this chapter that Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University shall enjoy no less and no more autonomy than any other public university in the State of Alabama and shall offer to all citizens of the state an equal opportunity for quality education.

The board of trustees is hereby authorized to recommend, at such time as it deems necessary and proper, any program of instruction or service or any other action necessary to qualify the university for funds and/or services provided by any individual, philanthropic organization or agency of the federal government, to any state agency that is charged with the responsibility for statewide planning, coordination or budgeting for programs of instruction, research or public service in the public universities of the state. Such state agency shall accept or reject such recommendation and is hereby authorized to act in accordance with such recommendations in regard to Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University.

(Acts 1975, No. 198, p. 467, §9.)