Section 16-49-26


(a) The Board of Trustees of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University shall hold three regular meetings at the university on the fourth Thursday in February, June, and October, unless the board or Governor as ex officio president, shall determine to hold its meetings at another time. Special meetings of the board may be assembled by either one of the two methods outlined as follows:

(1) Special meetings of the board may be called by the Governor. In calling special meetings, the Governor shall mail a written notice to each trustee naming the time and place at least 10 days in advance of the date of the meeting.

(2) Upon the application in writing of any four members of the board, the Governor shall call a special meeting, naming the time and place and issuing notices in writing to the several members of the board. The meeting shall not be held on a date less than 10 days subsequent to the notices from the Governor. In the event of an emergency, the Governor, as ex officio president, may call an emergency meeting.

(b) The board of trustees may ask the Governor to replace a member who has been absent from three consecutive regular meetings of the board.

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