Section 16-54-3

Purpose; mission.

The University of Montevallo is established generally for the purpose of giving therein instructions in the liberal arts and sciences and in technical and professional subjects suitable for both men and women. To that end, departments or subjects of instruction may be established from time to time by the trustees upon the recommendation of the president in accord with the provisions of Section 16-5-6.

The overriding mission of the University of Montevallo, unique in Alabama higher education, is to provide to students from throughout the state an affordable, geographically accessible, "small college" public higher educational experience of high quality with a strong emphasis on undergraduate liberal studies and with professional programs supported by a broad base of arts and sciences, designed for their intellectual and personal growth in pursuit of meaningful employment and responsible, informed citizenship.

Growing out of that mission and inherent in it are a number of on-going goals which the trustees from time to time may affirm on the basis of recommendations of the president.

The annual objectives of the institution, determined by the president, shall be consistent with the on-going goals and mission of the institution.

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