Section 16-60-194

Management and control; powers and duties of State Board of Education; schools to be suitable for veteran training programs; leaves of absence for teachers.

(a) The authority to manage and control the trade schools is vested in the State Board of Education.

(b) The State Board of Education, upon the recommendation of the State Superintendent of Education, shall: Make rules and regulations for the government of the trade schools; prescribe the courses of study to be offered and the conditions for granting certificates and diplomas; appoint the president of each trade school and, upon the president's recommendations, appoint the members of the faculty and fix the tenure and salary of each; direct and supervise the use of legislative appropriations for the use of the trade schools; accept gifts, donations, devises and bequests of money and real and personal property for the purposes of this chapter; disseminate information concerning and promote interest in the trade schools among the pupils of the public schools; and provide a means whereby students may earn, if necessary, all or a portion of their tuition, board and lodging.

(c) The trade schools shall be managed and conducted in such a manner so as to be accredited as suitable institutions for veteran vocational and rehabilitation training programs sponsored by the United States.

(d) Members of the faculty of any such trade school may be paid for absences during the time such schools are in session, in the discretion of the State Board of Education, where such absence results from sickness or some other unavoidable cause which prevents the teacher from discharging his or her duties. Such leaves of absence shall be granted subject to rules and regulations duly promulgated and adopted by said board; provided, that payment for such absences caused by sickness shall be in accord with the provisions of law governing sick leave for teachers and other employees of city and county boards of education in the State of Alabama as provided in Section 16-12-21 and pay for such absences resulting from unavoidable causes other than sickness shall not be allowed for a total of more than one week during any one year.

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