Section 16-60-40

Sections 16-60-38 and 16-60-39 supplemental; liberal construction; conflicting laws.

The provisions of Sections 16-60-38 and 16-60-39 are supplemental, and this chapter shall be liberally construed to the end that Sections 16-60-20 through 16-60-37, 16-60-80 through 16-60-96 and 16-60-110 through 16-60-112 shall each have a field of operation and be construed in pari materia. However, such parts of Sections 16-60-20 through 16-60-37 as are in conflict herewith shall be superseded by Sections 16-60-38 and 16-60-39 when control of Northwest Alabama Junior College is transferred pursuant hereto to the State Board of Education.

(Acts 1963, No. 590, p. 1288, §3.)