Section 16-60-56

Appropriations by counties and municipalities therein for college; use of public school funds.

The governing bodies of the Counties of Jackson and DeKalb, and of each municipality in such counties, are hereby authorized to appropriate funds in their respective treasuries, not otherwise appropriated, to be used for the acquisition of land and the construction thereon of buildings suitable for the college, or for the purchase of existing buildings adaptable to use for the college and the lands on which they are located. After the establishment of the college, such counties and the municipalities therein may make annual appropriations for the maintenance, support and operation of the college. The board of education of each of these counties and the board of education of every incorporated municipality, having such a board, within these counties may allocate, use and expend public school funds under their jurisdiction in aid of the establishment, maintenance and operation of the college and provide transportation facilities to students attending the college or such other facilities for students as the board of trustees approves.

(Acts 1961, Ex. Sess., No. 151, p. 2095, §7.)