Section 16-61-5

Universities entitled to match appropriated funds; basis for applying for unmatched funds.

Each public state university named in Section 16-61-1 is entitled to match an equal share of the total moneys appropriated to the Alabama Eminent Scholars Trust Fund prior to September 30, 1987, or for two years after any subsequent appropriation made by the Legislature. Any funds hereby allocated to the Alabama Eminent Scholars Trust Fund, which remain unmatched by contributions, as outlined above, on September 30, 1987, shall be available for matching by any university foundation on the following basis: On September 30, 1987, any university foundation which has previously received a challenge grant may apply for any remaining funds and the Alabama Commission on Higher Education shall award matching challenge grants in equal amounts to the applying foundations upon certification of the availability of matching funds. The matching ratio for these grants shall be the same as outlined in Section 16-61-4. These funds and its matching amount may be used by a university foundation to increase its existing Eminent Scholars Fund or to establish an additional Eminent Scholars Fund.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-759, p. 1265, §5.)