Section 16-61-6

University foundations to maintain and invest funds; limitation on total amount of grants received; annual report.

The foundation serving a university shall have the responsibility for the maintenance and investment of its fund and for the administration of the program at that university. The governing board of each foundation shall be responsible for soliciting and receiving gifts to be used as matching funds to be deposited and matched with challenge grants from the Alabama Trust Fund for Eminent Scholars for the establishment of the endowments for the specified university. Once an endowment is established and operating, there may be further challenge grants to be matched for the establishment of more chairs. The total amount of challenge grants received by a university foundation shall not exceed its equal share of the amount appropriated to the Alabama Trust Fund for Eminent Scholars plus its equal share of any funds unmatched by other university foundations by September 30, 1987. Through the 1987-88 fiscal year, the Alabama Commission on Higher Education shall include in its annual report to the Legislature information concerning distribution of the appropriation, and accrued interest thereon, of the Alabama Trust Fund for Eminent Scholars.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-759, p. 1265, §6.)