Section 16-61C-4

Rules and regulations; schedule for expansion of program; advisory committee.

(a) The State Board of Education may promulgate necessary rules and regulations for the effective administration of the Alabama Science in Motion Program, in accordance with applicable state laws. Upon the recommendation of the State Superintendent of Education the State Board of Education shall adopt a flexible schedule, of not more than five years, that will provide for the complete statewide expansion of the Alabama Science in Motion Program to eleven networks, one network to operate within the service region of each of the eleven existing Alabama Regional Inservice Centers. ASIM Program expansion shall be completed when each network shall operate one van for each of the three core sciences, namely biology, chemistry and physics. The schedule shall consist of three or more phases; provided, that all effort shall be made to ensure that no geographic region of the state shall be unduly neglected by the schedule as the expansion of the ASIM Program unfolds.

It is hereby expressly provided that each phase of the schedule shall be implemented only to the extent that funding is appropriated or otherwise made available for implementation.

(b) There is hereby created an Alabama Science in Motion Advisory Committee consisting of not more than twelve members who shall advise the State Superintendent of Education on the operational activities of the ASIM Program. The membership of the ASIM Advisory Committee shall be comprised of six project directors, three van operators and three classroom science teachers; provided, however, that each of the eleven sites shall be represented by at least one member of the ASIM Advisory Committee.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-650, p. 1358, §4.)