Section 17-11-14

Compensation of absentee election manager.

The county commission shall determine the amount of compensation to be paid to the absentee election manager or other absentee election manager for the performance of his or her duties with respect to the absentee ballots during the 45-day period prior to and on the day of the election for which his or her services are required, but such compensation shall be at least fifty dollars ($50) per day or the same pay as an inspector as authorized under Section 17-8-12. In all counties in which the compensation of absentee election managers is prescribed by local law or general law of local application at an amount in excess of the amount prescribed, the compensation of the absentee election manager shall not be increased or decreased. The amount shall be the total compensation allowed the absentee election manager for duties relating to absentee ballots in all elections held on the same day and shall be paid from the county treasury. Any reimbursement shall be as provided in Chapter 16.

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