Section 18-1A-191

View of the property taken.

(a) Upon motion of a party or its own motion, the circuit court may direct the jury to be placed in charge of an officer of the court and taken personally to view the property sought to be taken. Upon like motion, if the case is tried before the circuit court without a jury, the judge presiding at the trial may view the property. The circuit court may prescribe additional terms and conditions consistent with this section.

(b) During a view of the property by the jury, the judge presiding at the trial shall be present and supervise the proceedings. The parties, their attorneys, engineers, and other representatives may be present during a view by the jury or judge.

(c) During a view, only the judge presiding at the trial or person designated by the circuit court may make a statement to the jury relating to the subject matter of the action, and any such statement must be transcribed as a part of the record.

(d) The physical characteristics of the property and of surrounding property, and any other matters observed during a view, may be considered by the trier of fact solely for the purpose of understanding and weighing the valuation evidence received at the trial, and do not constitute independent evidence on the issue of the amount of compensation.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-548, p. 802, §1102.)