Section 18-1A-279

Commissioners - Appointment; qualifications; certificate; vacancies.

If the complaint be granted, in whole or in part, within 10 days after the complaint is granted, the judge of probate must appoint three citizens of the county in which the lands sought to be condemned are situated, who shall possess the qualifications of jurors, who shall be disinterested, and who shall file a certificate along with their award that neither of them had ever been consulted, advised with, or approached by any person in reference to the value of the lands or the proceedings to condemn the same prior to the assessment of damages and that they knew nothing of the same prior to their appointment. The judge of probate may fill any vacancy occasioned by death, failure to act, or any disqualification of any such commissioners from interest, prior knowledge of the subject matter or being consulted with, advised with, or approached in reference to the condemnation of such lands prior to appointment or assessment of the damages.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-548, p. 802, §1610.)