Section 18-1A-289

Effect of order of condemnation; right of entry, etc., pending appeal upon deposit of damages, compensation, and costs; effect of appeal upon condemnation order.

The order of condemnation, upon the payment of the sum ascertained and assessed by the verdict of the circuit court, or the bond thereof in the circuit court for the defendant, shall vest in the applicant the property or property right proposed to be acquired for the uses and purposes stated in the application and for no other uses or purposes. But if an appeal shall be taken by any party, then the person, corporation or association seeking to acquire such property or property right, upon the deposit in the circuit court for the party whose land or interest therein is sought to be condemned of the amount of damages and compensation so assessed, together with the costs of the proceeding, shall be entitled to enter upon the lands so condemned and to survey, construct, and operate on the same for the uses and purposes stated in the application, but such property or property right shall not vest absolutely in such person, corporation, or association until the final determination of the cause and the payment or deposit in circuit court of such damages and compensation as shall then be adjudged.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-548, p. 802, §1620.)