Section 18-1A-29

Compensation for tenant-owned improvements.

(a) If a building, structure, or other improvement to be acquired by a condemnor under Section 18-1A-28 is owned by a tenant:

(1) It shall be deemed for the purpose of determining compensation to be a part of the real property to be acquired notwithstanding the right or obligation of the tenant, as against the owner of any other interest in the real property, to remove it at the expiration of his term; and

(2) The compensation awarded shall include an amount sufficient to pay the tenant the larger of (i) the enhancement to the fair market value of the real property contributed by the improvement, or (ii) the fair market value of the improvement assuming its removal from the real property.

(b) Payment under this section shall not duplicate any payment authorized by law, and may be made only if the owner of the real property disclaims any interest in the improvement. In consideration for the payment, the tenant shall assign, transfer, and release to the condemnor all of his interest in the improvement.

(c) This section does not deprive the tenant of any right to reject payment hereunder and to seek to obtain payment for his interest in or damage to the improvement under any other law.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-548, p. 802, §210.)