Section 18-1A-54

Proceeding or action to recover damages caused by entry; payment of damages.

(a) A condemnor is liable for physical injury to, and for substantial interference with possession or use of, property caused by his entry and activities upon the property. This liability may be enforced in a subsequent condemnation proceeding filed within the period specified as a retention period in Section 18-1A-52 or, if no such proceeding is filed within such period of time, by civil action with the right of trial by jury on demand of either party.

(b) If funds are on deposit under Section 18-1A-52 or 18-1A-53, the owner or other person entitled to damages under subsection (a) may apply to the circuit court for payment of his damages from such funds. If the amount on deposit is insufficient to pay the full amount, the circuit court shall enter judgment against the condemnor for the unpaid portion.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-548, p. 802, §305.)