Section 18-1B-1

Statement of legislative intent.

In light of the decision and certain opinions recently announced by the United States Supreme Court interpreting the extent of the power of government to take property for public use as described in the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and providing that individual states may restrict the exercise of that power, the Legislature intends in enacting this chapter and amending Sections 11-47-170 and 11-80-1, to ensure that governmental bodies in Alabama vested with all or any part of the power of eminent domain may not, the aforesaid recent interpretation of the Fifth Amendment to the contrary notwithstanding, use the power to take the private property of any person for the private use of another, as opposed to the use thereof by the public generally, except as and in the limited circumstances set out in this chapter and Sections 11-47-170 and 11-80-1.

(Act 2005-313, 1st Sp. Sess., p. 643, §1.)