Section 18-2-6

Sheriff and jury to appear on date designated for inquest; charge to and duties of jury generally.

The sheriff and the jury must attend on the day appointed, and after the jury are sworn by the sheriff to discharge their duties fairly and to the best of their ability, they must be charged by him:

(1) To examine the land above and below belonging to others, which may probably be overflowed or injured, and to ascertain and assess the damages resulting from the erection of such dam to the several owners of such lands.

(2) To ascertain whether the residence of any of such owners, or the outhouses, inclosures, gardens or orchards thereto immediately belonging will be overflowed.

(3) To ascertain whether the health of the neighborhood will probably be endangered.

(4) To ascertain whether any other mill, gin, factory or waterworks will be overflowed.

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