Section 19-2-3

Reappointment of removed fiduciary.

If any fiduciary in war service be removed from office and is a competent and suitable person to again serve as such fiduciary at any time after the termination of his war service, the fiduciary appointed to fill the vacancy caused by such removal, or his successor, shall be removed from office by the court upon petition filed by the former fiduciary in war service so removed or by any person interested in the trust fund or the estate being administered or by any co-fiduciary, and if the trust has not been fully executed or the administration of the estate has not been fully completed the court, upon such removal, shall appoint the fiduciary theretofore removed because of his war service to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of his successor in office if there is no trust instrument providing a practicable method of appointment.

(Acts 1943, No. 460, p. 421, §3.)