Section 19-3-21

Contents of application; notice of hearing.

The application must be in writing, verified by affidavit, must state the nature and character of the trust and of the interest of the applicant therein and must state, in the opinion of the applicant, said interest is, or will be endangered, if bond with sureties is not required of such trustee; and, on the filing of such petition, the register or clerk must appoint a day for the hearing thereof, of which not less than five days' notice, by the service of summons to appear and answer, must be given the trustee, if he resides in the state, and if he resides without the state, notice must be given by publication for three successive weeks in some newspaper published in the county, if there be such paper, and if there be not, in the paper published nearest to such county.

(Code 1886, §3550; Code 1896, §4153; Code 1907, §6055; Code 1923, §10392; Code 1940, T. 58, §9.)