Section 19-3-41

When settlements compelled; removal of trustee and appointment of successor.

If the trustee shall fail to make settlement, partial or final, as required in this article he may be compelled to do so, by citation to be issued by the register or clerk on order of the court, at the instance of any creditor or party interested in the trust, in all respects as executors and administrators may be compelled to make settlements in the court of probate; or, upon motion of a majority in value of the creditors, the court must remove such defaulting trustee and appoint another in his stead, who may be nominated by the creditors, as provided by this Code, for the nomination of an administrator of an insolvent estate by the creditors thereof.

(Code 1896, §4173; Code 1907, §6075; Code 1923, §10412; Code 1940, T. 58, §29.)