Section 19-3-87

Unclaimed funds.

If at any time it should appear to the court, or be made known to the court, that any balance has been in the hands of any officer for a period of five years and the same remains unclaimed, it may make an order directing the same to be paid into the treasury of said county, and a separate account shall be kept of all such payments and so designated as to identify each transaction.

Any person entitled to any amount so paid into the treasury or any part thereof may within 10 years after such payment into the treasury recover the amount to which he may be entitled, without interest, by obtaining an order from the court under whose order the same was paid into the treasury. Such order may be made by the court on summary motion against the probate judge of the county after five days' notice unless the court for sufficient reasons continues the hearing to a further time.

(Acts 1909, No. 133, p. 166; Code 1923, §§10465, 10466; Code 1940, T. 58, §§37, 38.)