Section 19-3A-408

Insubstantial allocations not required.

(a) If a fiduciary determines that an allocation between principal and income required by Section 19-3A-409, Section 19-3A-410, Section 19-3A-411, Section 19-3A-412, or Section 19-3A-415 is insubstantial, then the fiduciary may allocate the entire amount to principal, unless one of the circumstances described in Section 19-3A-104(c) applies to the allocation. This power may be exercised by a co-trustee in the circumstances described in Section 19-3A-104(d) and may be released for the reasons and in the manner described in Section 19-3A-104(e). For purposes of this subsection, the circumstances set forth in Section 19-3A-104(c), Section 19-3A-104(d), and Section 19-3A-104(e) shall be applied whether or not Section 19-3A-104 is otherwise applicable to the trust.

(b) Nothing in this section imposes a duty on the fiduciary to make an allocation pursuant to this section, and the fiduciary is not liable for failure to make an allocation pursuant to this section.

(Act 2000-675, p. 1343, §1.)