Section 19-3A-410

Liquidating assets.

(a) In this section, "liquidating asset" means an asset whose value will diminish or terminate because the asset is expected to produce receipts for a period of limited duration. The term includes a leasehold, patent, copyright, royalty right, and right to receive payments under an arrangement that does not provide for the payment of interest on the unpaid balance. The term does not include a payment subject to Section 19-3A-409, natural resources subject to Section 19-3A-411, timber subject to Section 19-3A-412, an activity subject to Section 19-3A-414, an asset subject to Section 19-3A-415, or any asset for which the fiduciary establishes a reserve for depreciation under Section 19-3A-503.

(b) A fiduciary shall allocate to income ten percent (10%) of the receipts from a liquidating asset and the balance to principal.

(Act 2000-675, p. 1343, §1.)