Section 19-3B-109

Methods and waiver of notice.

(a) Notice to a person under this chapter or the transmission of information to a person under this chapter must be accomplished in a manner reasonably suitable under the circumstances and likely to result in receipt of the notice or information. Permissible methods of notice or for transmitting information include first-class mail, personal delivery, delivery to the person's last known place of residence or place of business, a properly directed electronic message, or any method otherwise provided by the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure.

(b) Notice otherwise required under this chapter or information otherwise required to be sent under this chapter need not be provided to a person whose identity or location is unknown to and not reasonably ascertainable by the trustee.

(c) Notice under this chapter or the transmission of information under this chapter may be waived by the person to be notified or sent the document.

(d) Notice of a judicial proceeding must be given as provided in the applicable rules of civil procedure.

(Act 2006-216, p. 314, §1.)