Section 19-5-7

Allocation of distributions from separate trusts.

Distributions provided for by the governing instrument, whether the original trust is divided into separate trusts under the provisions of Section 19-5-3, 19-5-5 or 19-5-6 hereof or the trusts are retained as separate trusts under the provisions of Section 19-5-4 or 19-5-5 hereof, may be made from either or both separate trusts in the absolute and uncontrolled discretion of the fiduciary; provided, however, in determining the total distributions, neither the division of a trust nor the retention as separate trusts shall result in the receipt by any beneficiary of a greater proportion of the total distributions than the beneficiary would have received if the trust or estate had not been so divided or retained separately.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-340, p. 516, §7.)