Section 2-10-26

Temporary permit pending appeal.

In the event an association desires to do business pending the appeal provided for in Section 2-10-25, it may be issued a temporary permit to do so upon paying $1.00 and filing bond with the commissioner in such sum as the commissioner may fix, conditioned to protect all persons dealing with the association from injury or loss. Said bond shall be in a reasonable amount, approved by the commissioner, and made in some bonding company authorized to do business in Alabama. Before such association shall be permitted to file bond as authorized in this section, there shall be filed with the Department of Agriculture and Industries, on blanks prescribed by the State Board of Agriculture and Industries, an application for such temporary permit, accompanied by a full list of the members of such association and their addresses. Immediately upon the filing of such application, the commissioner shall call a meeting, by mailing notice to each member of the association, at such place as the commissioner deems most convenient for the majority of said members, and at such meeting he shall explain the reasons why he rejected the application for a permit. If a majority vote for such temporary certificate after such statement by the commissioner, the temporary certificate shall issue. The commissioner may issue the temporary certificate without such hearing.

(Ag. Code 1927, §553; Code 1940, T. 2, §75.)