Section 2-10-32

Order of board after hearing; appeal.

The State Board of Agriculture and Industries, upon any hearing provided for in this article, may require the commissioner to call a meeting of the directors of the association and seek to work out a solution of conditions with them, may order the conditions on which there may be a continuation of the operation of such association or may require an agent appointed by the board or commissioner to take charge and reorganize the association or wind its business up or may make such other order as it deems will best protect the interest of the public. An appeal shall lie from the order of the board by any person interested by filing bond with and to be approved by the register or clerk of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County. The matter shall be heard de novo in such court; provided, that the order of the board shall be presumed prima facie correct. Upon such hearing the court shall issue an order sustaining or reversing the order of the board or remanding the matter to the board for further consideration. An appeal shall lie from the order of the circuit court to the Court of Civil Appeals.

(Ag. Code 1927, §560; Code 1940, T. 2, §;82.)