Section 2-10-57

Amendments to articles of incorporation.

The articles of incorporation or charter of any cooperative or mutual association of farmers organized under the provisions of this article may be altered or amended at any regular meeting of the members or at any special meeting called for that purpose; provided that a quorum shall be present as defined in the bylaws or other governing rules. The amendment must first be approved by two thirds of the directors or other governing body and then adopted by vote of two thirds of the members present and voting at the meeting. Amendments to the articles of incorporation, when so adopted, shall be filed in accordance with the provisions of the general corporation laws of the state.

(Acts 1921, Ex. Sess., No. 31, p. 38; Code 1923, §7134; Acts 1935, No. 222, p. 612; Code 1940, T. 2, §92.)