Section 2-10-93

Organization generally; adoption of bylaws.

A majority of the organizing members named in the articles of incorporation, at a time and place agreed upon in writing by all the said organizers, or when and where all are present, or upon call of a majority of such organizers upon five days' notice thereof, in writing, giving the time, place, and purposes of the meeting, mailed or delivered by hand to all of the other said organizing members, may make permanent organization of such corporation and adopt bylaws for the same, which bylaws may thereafter be amended or repealed by the members of such incorporated association in the manner provided in the bylaws. At such organization meeting, the members of the board of directors and such officers as provided for in this article and in the bylaws shall be elected. Each association incorporated under this article shall, within 30 days after its incorporation, adopt for its government and management bylaws not inconsistent with the powers granted in this article.

(Acts 1935, No. 220, p. 604; Code 1940, T. 2, §117; Acts 1959, No. 592, p. 1480.)