Section 2-13-11

Ice cream defined and standardized.

For the purpose of this article, ice cream is hereby defined and standardized as follows: Ice cream is the frozen compound, varied as to kind and proportion of ingredients, within the limit established by custom and usage. Ice cream consists chiefly of a sweetened and flavored mixture of cream or milk and cream or milk with or without added milk fat in the form of sound, sweet butter or as contained in condensed, evaporated or concentrated milk or in milk powder and with or without added milk solids not fat and in the form of skimmed milk powder or as contained in milk powder or in condensed, evaporated or concentrated skimmed milk or of sweetened and flavored homogenized or emulsified mixture of sound, sweet butter, milk powder or skimmed milk powder and water, with the addition of gelatin, vegetable gums or other wholesome stabilizer. Standard ice cream contains not less than 10 percent butterfat, and the total content of solids shall be not less than 33 percent; except, that when the ingredients of standard ice cream include eggs, fruit or fruit juices, cake confection, cocoa or chocolate or nuts, such reduction of the percentage of butterfat as may be due to the addition of such ingredients shall be allowed, provided such milk fat content is not less than eight percent.

(Ag. Code 1927, §58; Code 1940, T. 2, §196.)